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Improve your child’s sleep and quality of life with a personalized, evidence-based, and responsive approach.

What is sleep consulting?

I work with exhausted parents to help solve sleep problems associated with naps and nighttime through sleep training. The step by step customized plan I offer families takes all the guesswork out of getting a good nights rest. I also provide my families with lots of follow up support and check in often to see how their personalized plan is going. When faced with roadblocks I help navigate and course correct so we can successfully reach your sleep goals! Let’s eliminate the confusion and frustration around sleep because everyone in the family deserves to be well rested for all the adventures life brings.

Sleep Training Support Options

Prenatal & Newborn
(0 – 15 weeks)

(4 – 17 months)

(18 – 35 months)

(3 – 5 years)

Preschooler Sleep Package - Phan of Sleep

Prenatal & Newborn
(0 – 15 weeks)

(4 – 17 months)

(18 – 35 months)

Preschooler Sleep Package - Phan of Sleep

(3 – 5 years)

The benefits of sleep training working with me

Extended 1 on 1 Support

On average, I prefer to work with families for 4-6 weeks, so there is time to establish a new rhythm around sleep. Spending more time together helps parents build confidence to navigate whatever life throws their way once our time together wraps up.

Supportive Sleep Coaching

I value the relationships I have with my clients. Each family is unique, and I aim to support you as we work toward your specific sleep goals. I approach my work with empathy and excitement. Sleep truly is a passion of mine, and I want you to be getting more of it! I can’t wait to celebrate the wins alongside you.

Personalized support

No two families are the same, so my support is geared toward your needs, goals, and parenting preferences. The details you provide me about your child and the difficulties you currently face help me develop a customized plan. As needed, I’ll provide you with additional resources to support you in your journey. Throughout your package term, I’ll review your child’s log and our chat to spot any trends and give you specific advice to help you easily navigate the sleep training process. I’m excited to support you and remove the frustration and confusion behind your child’s sleep difficulties.

Simple Communication

I want our time together to be enjoyable; a large part of that is how we navigate communication. I utilize a free, easy-to-use app called Rested to track your child’s sleep/food log, host our chats and any supporting documents I’ll send you. The Rested app makes tracking progress simple and is very user-friendly. The best part is that Rested can support multiple caregivers, so you can easily add your parenting partner or nanny.

Don’t let another sleepless night pass by – contact me to start your journey towards better sleep for your entire family.

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"Within the first few days of our sleep plan we were already seeing remarkable results with our baby girl"

We cannot express enough into words how grateful we are for our experience we had working along side of Phan of Sleep! Jenna taught us so many great things and gave us great guidance for receiving better sleep for us as a family. Jenna knows her stuff! She is very kind, loving and always there when needed. Any question you come across dealing with sleep, Phan of Sleep is the source to look towards. Within the first few days of our sleep plan we were already seeing remarkable results with our baby girl. It was fun to learn how best to guide our Lilly and helping her in the best ways to receiving better sleep. It was an overall positive experience for us all. Don’t hesitate in doing this. If you, your kiddos, and your family in general aren’t giving your body and mind the rest that they do deserve. Then you need to get with Phan of Sleep because we all our “Fans” of getting better sleep. 😁

Mckenzie Testimonial - Phan of Sleep

Payson, UT, USA

"Jenna is an absolute gem to work with and will be your rock through it all!"

I am so extremely grateful for Jenna! 2.5 years ago she gave me the tools and guidance I needed to sleep train my 5 month old son. She gave this mom peace of mind and the sleep I needed to be a better mom to my kids. Now here I am 2.5 years later sleep training my 8 month old baby using the same techniques and tools. Sleep training my kids has really been the best decision for our family. Jenna is an absolute gem to work with and will be your rock through it all!

Julia Testimonial - Phan of Sleep

Edmonton, AB, Canada

"My husband, who was very anti-sleep training for a long time, soon realized this was the best thing and completely gentle for our sensitive, affectionate little girl"

Oh my word, Jenna seriously saved both my husbands and my sanity! Our little girl was waking up 3-4 times a night and barely napping—it got so bad that it started to affect aspects of our marriage. We were so sleep deprived that my postpartum depression grew worse and worse. Once I started working with Jenna things FINALLY got better! My husband was super hesitant to do sleep training and we were both concerned and not wanting to implement certain methods like “cry it out.” The best part is that Jenna created a completely tailored sleep program just for us based on our little girls personality and age! As soon as we started following Jenna’s sleep coaching, it’s like everything clicked! Our little girl started sleeping 100% better within 3 DAYS. My husband, who was very anti-sleep training for a long time, soon realized this was the best thing and completely gentle for our sensitive, affectionate little girl. He tells me even now, several months later, how glad he is that we went to Jenna! I honestly can’t recommend her enough! She’s so supportive, caring & so THERE for you if you have questions or if you need encouragement. I’m so incredibly grateful we did Jenna’s sleep program. It was the best decision we made for us and our little girl!

Megan Testimonial - Phan of Sleep

Calgary, AB, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Training

Sleep consultants are trained professionals who take the mystery out of sleep issues. They gather information about your current situation, struggles, and parenting preferences. A sleep coach will then create a sleep plan with easy-to-follow steps.

A certified pediatric sleep consultant’s most significant role is connecting with and supporting a family as the plan is implemented. I’m here to cheer you on and answer any questions that come up during the process. Sometimes tweaks need to be made to wake windows or the daily schedule, and I’ll be the one to guide and educate you on how to navigate those changes.

The support portion of my work is where the value comes in. I spend time connecting with my families and supporting them as they implement their plan.

Although cry-it-out can be an effective sleep training method (if done correctly), I do not use it with any of the families I support. I find that when families come to me, they are looking for a holistic, supportive and responsive method to improve their child’s sleep situation. No one approach is 100% tears-free, but I do all I can to minimize the intensity and length of the protest. 

All human beings, no matter their age, resist change to one degree or another, especially when it impacts their sleep environment or habits. For infants and young children crying is the only way these displeasures can be communicated. We’ll spend time together reframing what crying means during the sleep training process, and I’ll do all I can to ease your mind when faced with your child’s protests to change. 

I want you to understand and feel comfortable that there will be a certain level of protest from your babe as we alter their sleep situation. Your little one’s personality, along with other factors will play into how much protest we see.

 Remember that change can be challenging for anyone, and children often process their big emotions through tears. The good news is that no matter the level of protest at the beginning, most families notice a dramatic decrease in tears and protest within 3-5 days of implementing their plan. Once your little one gets more quality sleep, you will likely also see an improved mood, fewer midday meltdowns and less time spent protesting the new sleep structure. Sleep is a powerful tool for physical health, emotional regulation, and overall mood.

I work with families who are struggling with one or more aspects connected to their child’s sleep. My focus is on the 0 to 5 year age range. Every family dynamic is different, so I’m ready to personalize sleep for your home. 

Regardless of your parenting title (single, co-parenting, foster, of multiples, first timer, seasoned, involved grandparent, etc.) I’m here to support you in all things sleep. 

I want to work with families committed to the process. Making changes can sometimes be challenging, but the effort is well worth the reward! I’ll be there to support you every step of the way. With the modern benefits of technology, I work with families internationally, even though I’m based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m accommodating of different time zones, so don’t let that deter you from us working together!

I prefer to work on sleep holistically and gently. My custom sleep plans typically involve a parent-present approach, which offers support and comfort for your little one. The goal is NOT to have YOU fix your child’s sleep issues but instead support THEM as they build confidence in their ability to fall asleep independently. 

My philosophy is that quality sleep factors in many details that take place throughout a 24- hour day. I like to dive into screen time usage, nutrition, exercise, and other aspects to pinpoint any external causes of sleep disturbances.

 Sleep is complex, and because of that, I want to present your family with a method that feels doable and realistic, but will also allow you to achieve your goals. My goal is to prepare a sustainable plan that works for your family. Let’s get your entire household feeling rested and rejuvenated!

Many factors influence how soon a family will see changes
in their child’s sleep. The age of the child, which sleep issue(s) we are looking to resolve and how consistent you are in following the plan, all influence this timeline. 

Each child’s personality is different, so it can be hard to answer this question definitively. I will say that when families are committed and consistent, they notice changes within the first week (sometimes in as little as a few days). 

Lasting change takes time and consistency, so I ask my family to give 100% to the sleep plan while working together. We want to establish a new routine for your little one and not cause confusion to their body clock through inconsistently following the plan. 

Nighttime sleep often comes together faster than if we were looking to improve early morning wakings or naps. As long as a family stays consistent in their approach, these issues typically resolve within 4-6 weeks. This is one of the main reasons I prefer to offer longer packages. My goal is to help you achieve your desired results and have support as you get there. I know there is a higher success rate of lasting change if you feel confident in your child’s new routine.

Nope! I’d never ask you to give up feeds during the night unless you want to make that transition and your child meets specific criteria to do so. 

There are benefits to dropping night feeds (or reducing the number of them) in particular cases. Pediatrician approval, medical concerns and your child’s age play into how many feeds should occur throughout the night. Sometimes when baby starts to get more sleep, they drop feeds on their own. It’s incredible to see this transition happen naturally when a baby favours sleep over a comfort feed.

If a parent chooses to keep a comfort night feed, I make sure to cover realistic expectations around sleep goals they have set. Keeping a sleep prop typically involves slower or less progress and this is a choice that some families consciously make. For some parents, any improvement to sleep is a win and for others, meeting a desired goal requires letting go of props completely. Each family is different and knows what is sustainable for them long term. I do not judge but will be clear about the outcomes of ‘cherry picking’ the advice within your sleep plan. 

Some families I talk to believe their child is beyond help and are genuinely skeptical that positive change can be made. 

My goal is to set you up for success. I will ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire before beginning our work together so I can understand your current situation, sleep goals, and family values. Although I cannot do the work for you, I will be available to answer questions or concerns that rise up, cheer you on and support you as you implement the plan. 

There will be an improvement for families that honestly and consistently adhere to the custom plan I have created for them. Those families that don’t completely reach their goals have often been inconsistent in their approach (which causes confusion for their little ones), or it might take a little more time staying committed to the plan before you see the full benefit of your efforts. Some sleep changes take a little longer to stick because internal body clocks can take on average of 4-6 weeks to adjust. Keep up the good work and continue to follow the plan and in time you’ll see improvements. 

Luckily, most pediatric sleep issues are behavioural and not medical, so results can be seen during our time together.

Of the very few who do not meet their goals, there is often an undiagnosed underlying medical condition at play. I am not your child’s medical professional, but if I see any red flags, I will advise you to follow up with a trained and qualified medical professional. Health issues that can negatively impact sleep include sleep apnea or other sleep disorders, food intolerances, allergies, lip or tongue ties, etc. If your child has been diagnosed with any of these concerns and they are being managed through a medical professional, it is still possible to see improvements in sleep and reach your rest goals. Sometimes progress is slower in these situations, but it does come.

I never want money to be your deciding factor in getting quality sleep. Rest assured, I do offer payment options! Please reach out so we can discuss a payment plan that works for both of us. Every family that wants sleep help should be able to access it in a way that won’t leave them choosing between the benefits of quality sleep and physical needs such as food, clothing or shelter. 

Getting enough quality sleep each day has many benefits: -better health and immunity   –faster recovery from illness  -a more stable emotional state   -greater capacity to learn -improved memory   -more energy.   The list could go on and on…

The early childhood years are the foundational building blocks of your little one’s life. There is no other stage in human development that involves such rapid growth. The growth that occurs during infancy and toddlerhood occurs at a faster pace than the growth seen during puberty. So much is happening in your child’s body and mind during this developmental phase. Adequate rest is so important for ensuring your child has the best possible start to life.

Parents who choose to wait out their children’s sleep challenges sometimes see the issues resolve on their own, but this often takes years, and there is no guarantee that the problems will indeed disappear. 

Often we see that an infant who doesn’t sleep well becomes a toddler who doesn’t sleep well, which then becomes a preschooler who doesn’t sleep well, and so the path continues. 

Addressing sleep concerns as soon as possible often results in greater emotional and health outcomes for the child and their entire family.

I support families through several sleep challenges, including (but not limited to) :

  • Dependency on a sleep prop (rocking, pacifier, feeding to sleep, etc.)
  • Multiple night wakings and split nights
  • Short naps and early mornings
  • Bedtime battles, inconsistent routines
  • Night terrors, nightmares, and separation anxiety

Many families choose to improve their child’s sleep because they understand how important quality rest is for development, growth and emotional regulation. 

Most parents I speak with feel exhausted because of their child’s sleep challenges. Broken sleep for mom and dad can add stress to a family and make day-to-day existence extremely challenging. For many parents, sleep training is about their child’s needs but also factors in their own sleep requirements. A well-rested family has a greater capacity to thrive amidst the pressures and demands of society.

In 2020 I completed the Sleep Sense TM pediatric sleep consulting certification program. After over a decade in dentistry, I was starting to feel burnt out by office culture and longed for a profession that I could sustain while raising my future family. 

I first heard about sleep consulting through a friend who had used a coach to help her child sleep better. Learning of this obscure profession lit a fire in my soul, and I was adamant about pursuing my certification to be able to support families worldwide. 

The certification process through Sleep Sense TM was foundational in learning the building blocks of sleep, but my most prominent teacher has been my own daughter, Octavia. Through a lot of study, mentorship, research and emotion, we have navigated several challenges that have impacted O’s sleep. My husband and I have had to work through colic, torticollis, eczema, food allergies, food sensitivities, lip and tongue ties (that went undiagnosed until seeing our fourth lactation consultant), breastfeeding challenges, all while I battled with a debilitating case of postpartum anxiety and depression. Octavia has been my greatest teacher, and she is also my greatest joy. Our journey has never been ‘easy,’ but I’m grateful for the compassion and empathy she has allowed me to develop to better support the families I serve. Thankfully she has outgrown many of the issues that were roadblocks to her sleeping well. She is now a happy, well rested toddler but it was quite the journey to get to this point. 


Although there are some situations that it would be beneficial to wait before starting to improve sleep, teething is not one of them! 

Infants often get their first teeth at or near the 6-month mark, and teething isn’t fully complete until a child is about 31-33 months old. Waiting until almost three years old to address sleep concerns has more drawbacks than benefits. 

Although it is never too late to work on sleep, if you are noticing disturbances and are ready to make improvements, then change can happen starting at 4 months old or 16 weeks from your estimated due date. The benefits of a well-rested kiddo connect to every part of their well-being. A babe who sleeps well often handles the discomforts of teething better than a kiddo who experiences poor quality or insufficient sleep.

The short answer is- no don’t wait for teething to finish before starting on your custom sleep plan. I know this is a common concern for parents I work with so a section of your plan will cover how to navigate teething during sleep training. Rest assured, I’ve got you covered!


No matter how you choose to feed your baby, you can establish healthy sleep habits right from the start. Feeding and sleep go hand in hand, so when a baby eats well, they often sleep better (and vice versa). 

For breastfeeding mothers, quality sleep (for both you and babe) can actually improve your nursing relationship and support milk production. If a mother struggles with chronic sleep deprivation, it can affect her mood, nutrition intake and negatively impact her milk supply. Exhausted mothers often have higher stress hormones which negatively impacts milk supply. Being overtired can also increase irritability, making learning the ropes of breastfeeding more challenging. 

An overtired baby will often fall asleep at the breast or bottle. This habit caters to snacking rather than full feeds, which can throw off sleep. 

As a breastfeeding mother, I understand the desire to continue that relationship as long as is mutually desired by mom and babe. Feeds are often bonding moments and babies grow up too fast it seems.


Many parents have been concerned that sleep training will
permanently alter their bond with their babe. This is simply
not true. Research has found no supporting evidence that sleep training damages a child developmentally or negatively impacts the parent-child bond. 

Consider the number of positive moments (in a 24- hour day) that you experience with your little one. These times of connection, closeness, trust and security will far outweigh any emotions or protest that comes up during the sleep training process. Strong connections and secure attachment with our kids happen at all points throughout the day and cannot be diminished entirely through working to improve sleep. 

The overall concept of secure attachment involves you being a secure base from which to leave in order to explore and then return to. It is a cycle that involves ruptures and repairs, where the repairs that are made only increase the strength of your bond. 

Sleep training involves a short-term behavioural modification that helps a child develop independent sleep skills. Once a child has adjusted to the changes they become second nature. These skills will improve the overall health, mood and learning potential for years to come. Sleep is a basic need and when it is lacking, the repercussions are felt throughout the entire family. 

Any effort we make as parents to support and guide our children can improve our attachment when our actions are loving and supportive. Our kids look to us to meet their basic needs, and if there are sleep issues, it is up to us to help them make sense of the challenge. 

We can help our children understand healthy boundaries around sleep, give them the space to develop independent sleep skills (when developmentally appropriate) and be present to support them as they master these new skills.

It’s true, there are many books about pediatric sleep but most parents don’t have the energy, time and mental bandwidth to sort out which information will benefit their child. 

Often the wide variety of books focused on childhood sleep can have conflicting advice, and it can be hard to see the forest from the trees. I’m here to simplify the path to better sleep for you. The main benefit of working together is the one-on-one support I offer. Throughout our time together, we will keep track of sleep and feeding details through an interactive log. I will be available to answer any questions you might have, and of course, I’ll cheer you on as you implement your plan. The personal support I offer families isn’t anything you’ll find in a book.

I get it! 

Hiring a sleep consultant is an investment, and you want to ensure you take the right steps to solve your child’s sleep concerns. 

Sometimes all it takes is a chance to talk one-on-one and sort out the details of working together. I offer a complimentary 15-minute initial call to see if we are a good fit to work together. You can book in a time using the link below:

I look forward to connecting with you!

Contact me today to start your journey towards better sleep for your whole family. Let me create a personalized sleep plan that works for you. You don’t have to hit rock bottom to start feeling rested and rejuvenated.

My goal is to help your child sleep through the night in their bedroom.

We will achieve this by having an honest and educational discussion about the importance of sleep for your child's overall health and well-being
I will also create a customized sleep plan that is easy to follow and address potential issues.
We will set goals for your child's sleep progress and celebrate their achievements. Remember, good sleep is just as essential for your child as a nutritious diet and a supportive home environment.

If you are uncertain about which package would be most suitable for your family or whether sleep consulting is the right solution, reach out or book a free discovery call.

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