About me

Jenna Phan

Hi! I’m Jenna, founder of Phan of Sleep. As a soon to be mama, registered dental assistant turned certified paediatric sleep consultant, I’m dedicated to helping parents reclaim rest!


I took the Sleep Sense Consultant course after seeing first hand how the program benefited some of my close friends. My goal as I prepared for motherhood was not only to gain the sleep knowledge that I’d need to aid my own sweet babes but I also wanted to use my skills and passion to help other families. My decade long profession in dental has been really rewarding but thinking towards the future, I just knew that I wanted to be home with my kids during the day. Knowing this meant that I’d need to make a job transition at some point if I wanted to make my home and family the centre of my universe.


Learning about the world of sleep coaching felt like a lightening bolt moment! I instantly felt a deep conviction that this was something I would be good at. As I looked further into it the call to start Phan of Sleep grew stronger within me.


My certification included comprehensive training, weekly conference calls with other dedicated entrepreneurs, a detailed mentorship program and months of study in the science of sleep. My approach is gentle and customized to the needs of each family. We work together to help your little one learn self soothing strategies so they can develop independent sleep skills. These skills will benefit them greatly as they continue to grow and develop.


Change is HARD but it also is the dividing line between staying where you are and experiencing the joys of improvement and growth. Throughout the time we work together I’ll be by your side cheering you on and answering your questions. We will celebrate the success as we work through your specific plan.


When I’m not helping families sort out their sleep concerns, you can find me going for a walk, listening to podcasts, gardening, binging on the latest Netflix series or exploring local events. My husband Steven and I are expecting our first babe at the end of April 2021.