Baby (3-17 months)


The first couple months of parenthood are a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. The learning curve feels steep and you are pretty sure that since you’ve brought baby home you’ve felt every possible emotion known to humankind. As you navigate feedings, diaper changes, mountains of laundry and recovery from birth; sleep can often take the backburner. You’ve most certainly wanted to make sleep a priority but the answers seem elusive and no amount of late night Google searching has solved your dilemma. When your sweet babe isn’t sleeping well the whole family feels the impact. This is often the time families implement sleep props because they’re desperate for rest. You’ll do anything for some shuteye even if it includes rocking baby for an hour or more, multiple nighttime feedings or countless car rides at any hour of the day. The problem is that you’re still not getting the rest you need, and you’re exerting so much effort but getting little reward. 

Each baby package will give you step-by-step guidance to help your little one develop independent sleep skills. I’ll be your support and cheerleader as we work through the plan together. Each step along the way I’ll be available to help you course correct as needed and stay consistent. Together we will help your little one establish a routine based off of healthy sleep habits. Not only will your little one be benefiting from longer stretches of consistent sleep, your whole family will feel the impact of getting more shuteye.


All baby package levels include:

Initial Questionnaire – I’ll have you fill out a detailed questionnaire so I can understand where you’re at and what your sleep goals are. This questionnaire will give me all the information I need to build your customized sleep plan.


Customized Daytime and Nighttime Sleep Plan – This is completely customized to fit your family’s needs and sleep goals. The plan will include information on how to structure daytime activities and feedings to get the ideal sleep for both naps and nighttime.


1:1 Consultation – We’ll spend 60-75 minutes (virtually) going over your customized daytime and sleep plan. I’ll answer any initial questions you may have and give you a bit more information on important topics associated with infant/baby sleep. Our consultation will ensure you go into night one of the plan feeling empowered and confident!


Detailed Follow up Support – Implementing any new routine can at times feel like two steps forward and one step back. Sleep is dynamic and ever changing but as we work through the plan you’ll see less of the back and forth and more positive steps in the right direction. I’ll be in touch following night one to offer support and a listening ear. Further support is detailed in each of the package options.


Sleep Logs – I’ll provide you with weekly sleep logs that you can easily fill in through Google Docs. I’ll have access to your updates in real time and logs are checked daily to ensure we stay on the right track. These logs will give me insight into how things are going and if we need to make any course corrections I’ll be able to guide you through those.


Wrap Up Final Call – We’ll revisit the successes and chat about what to expect after in regards to future sleep changes.


Let’s take away the guesswork and confusion- no need to ask Siri how to get your baby sleeping!

Investments for Phan Of Sleep Baby Packages


Starter – $320

What’s included: Everything described above will be yours in this two-week support package. During our two weeks together we’ll have two scheduled 15-minute phone calls and two emails to answer any lingering questions you might have. Limited support will be offered in between our weekly calls in the form of text messages or Voxer (whichever method you prefer).

This package is made for families that are looking to make a smaller investment but wanting to sort out their sleep concerns through a more DIY approach. This package will still set parents up for success but will offer less support in terms of phone calls, text messages and Voxer communications.


Standard – $495

What’s included: Everything described above will be yours in this three-week support package. We’ll keep in touch (through text or Voxer) daily during week one and I’ll check in on you two times during weeks two and three but feel free to send me updates or questions as they arise. During our three weeks together you can access unlimited support though your preferred method of contact (email, text or Voxer). In addition we will schedule one 15-minute phone call each week we work together so we can tackle any questions or worries that come up during our time together.

This package is ideal for parents that want constant support as we work together through the plan. You’ll gain the information and confidence that is needed to handle any sleep situation life will throw at you.

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