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What is sleep consulting?

I work with exhausted parents to help solve sleep problems associated with naps and nighttime. The step by step customized plan I offer families takes all the guesswork out of getting a good nights rest. I also provide my families with lots of follow up support and check in often to see how their personalized plan is going. When faced with roadblocks I help navigate and course correct so we can successfully reach your sleep goals! Let’s eliminate the confusion and frustration around sleep because everyone in the family deserves to be well rested for all the adventures life brings.

How it works

Personalized plan

Customized plans to fit your family’s needs and sleep goals.

This plan will include information on how to structure daytime activities and feedings to get the ideal sleep for naps and nighttime. 

Regular follow ups and continuous support

I never want you feeling like you’re left to sort out concerns on your own. I’m dedicated to helping you reach your sleep goals. We’ll keep in contact regularly through our time together. This is where interactive sleep logs and regular check in’s come into play. 

Course adjustments as needed

If the plans aren’t working out quite the way we want them to, I’ll help you adjust and course correct as needed to ensure your little one is sleeping well. Each child is an individual so let’s take an individual approach to sleep.

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